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Start Your Home Selling Process with a CMA

Gain the Competitive Edge by Maximizing Your Home's Worth

A Comprehensive Market Analysis enables you to Maximize Your Home’s Selling Potential using hard data and facts to help your decision-making while selling your home.

Never Leave Cash on the Table

How a CMA can help Boost the Value of Your Home before Selling

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is used to obtain an accurate understanding of your property’s value in the real estate market. By comparing your home to similar properties recently sold in the neighborhood, a CMA enables you (the seller) set a competitive listing price that appeals to potential buyers.

Armed with the knowledge gained from a CMA, you can confidently negotiate with buyers, create targeted marketing strategies, and ultimately increase the chances of a quicker sale at the best possible price.

Help set the perfect price, making sure your home isn’t under or overvalued.

Uncover local trends and buyer preferences with a CMA to make smart decisions.

Back up your asking price with solid data from the CMA.

Trust the CMA’s professional analysis for an informed decision.

By comparing nearby homes, a CMA ensures you attract more buyers with a fair price.

Discover areas for improvement to make your home stand out to buyers.

Accurate pricing leads to quicker sales, saving time and money.

Use the CMA insights to create a winning marketing strategy for your home.

Key Factors Used in CMAs

Some of the Key influencers considered to perform a Personalized Comparative Market Analysis

The Type of Home

Single-Family, Condos, Townhouses and Duplexes have distinct features, demand and pricing trends that influence price.

Age of the Property

Comparison of old to new homes is unreliable; instead I use factors like Construction quality, Architectural style and maintenance requirements


Location can affect desirability of a home, and therefore it’s  price too; like smaller Urban homes costing more than larger suburban homes

Size of Property

I use Square footage to compare homes as size differences can be inaccurate. Larger Square footage offers more living spaces, hence a higher price tags. 

Property Condition

Depreciation due to wear and tear and how well they are managed, maybe be the major selling point that offers differentiation from other similar properties. 

Recent Sales

Depreciation due to wear and tear and how well they are managed, maybe be the major selling point that offers differentiation from other similar properties. 

Franco Texas Realtor
At your pace and in your own time

I use a Strategic and Personalized Plan that reflects your needs

Hello, I’m Franco, and I specialize in crafting customized Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) reports tailored specifically for homes in Houston and Dallas, Texas. By leveraging my deep understanding of the local real estate market and merging it with comprehensive data, I uncover distinctive features of your property, giving you a strategic advantage. Thoroughly examining recently sold comparable properties in your vicinity, I consider crucial factors like location, size, age, and condition to provide you with an impartial, precise and personalized assessment of your home’s value. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect;


Thank you for a beautiful House

Thank you very much, Mr. Franco, for finding us a beautiful house and also for helping me with everything I needed and for always being available to us. I love your work

Norma Hernandez

The virtual tour was very helpful

Thank you so much for your hard work, and going above and beyond for me being out of state. You going to houses so we can video chat to see the house made it easy for me. Your the best again thank you for your help.
Mary Ann Edwards

2620 Fairway, The Colony, TX 75056, USA

+1 832-909-1427

One of the best realtors in Houston, he help my family a lot to get a house, amazing realtor!!
Quiero decir que Feanco nos ayuda a mi familia y a mí en el aspecto de nuestro primer hogar. Le damos las gracias por su tiempo y dedicación en el proceso de nuestra búsqueda del hogar perfecto. Estamos felices de haber podido trabajar con él. Gracias por toda su ayuda.
I want to say Feanco help my family and I in the look of our first home. We thank him for his time and dedication in the process of our search for the perfect home. We are happy to have been able to work with him. Thank you for all your help.
Franco was amazing during the entire process of buying the new house and as well selling the house we lived in before, he is extremely knowledgeable, respectful and responsive. He was keeping us updated every day with what to expect next which was very important to us. If you are looking to buy a house Franco is the right person for you!

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