Sell Your Home with Confidence

Start Your journey with a Home Evaluation

A Comparative Market Analysis [CMA] compares your home with similar homes in the area to determine it’s worth and boost your pricing strategy

What's included in Your CMA

While selling your home can be a complex process, here are some of the ways I can help you sell to the right buyer, at the right price, and quickly.

1. Setting the Right Price:

By analyzing your current neighborhood and homes similar to yours, we can determine a fair market value that attracts potential buyers. Get started with the process by completing this home evaluation form.


2. Advising on Repairs or Upgrades:

Not all repairs are essential to a sale, but certain ones can significantly impact a buyer’s decision. I can guide you on which are most crucial to sell your home.

3. Cleaning and Decluttering:

While this step might seem obvious, I can guide you towards specific areas of the home that tend to attract the buyer’s attention

4. Home Staging:

Staging not only beautifies your home but also helps potential buyers envision themselves living in it. Use my recommendations to craft a warm and inviting ambiance for your visitors and buyers..

5. Comprehensive Marketing Plan:

Together, we can create a marketing strategy that encompasses listings, professional photographs, virtual tours, and open houses.

6. Managing Correspondence:

Rest assured, I’ll handle all communications with prospective buyers on your behalf — promptly and responsively, addressing any inquiries they may have.

7. Negotiating the Selling Price:

I will rigorously negotiate the pricing of your home, with appropriate flexibility when necessary and  This underscores the  and reflective of the importance of attracting the right type of buyer.

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